Hot Tub Disposal

Have you moved into a property with a Hot Tub that is unwanted but currently working?
Are you simply not using the hot tub you purchased and don’t want the hassle of moving or selling it?
Does your company remove old Hot Tubs when installing new ones?
Do you have a Hot Tub that is currently unused as its no longer working?
Want to trade in your spa for a new one?

Disposal Terms & Conditions

UK Hot Tub Disposal and Pickup

If you want to dispose of a hot tub, we can help. We provide a hot tub disposal service for any of the above.

If your spa is running and under 10 years old you could qualify for free disposal. Contact us for details, supplying make, model and age of your spa.
(We require a photo of the Hot tub filled and running)

UK Hot Tub Disposal and Storage

If your Hot Tub is no longer working and you want to get rid of it, we can professionally dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way. This will consist of us bringing it back to our warehouse and stripping it down, recycling all materials. This service starts from £180 depending on your location.

Hot Tub Storage

Are you moving house, moving away or having work done to your property and have no room for your hot tub? maybe you have found a great buy and are not quite ready for it yet. Let us help you we offer a custom collection, storage and redelivery package to suit your needs and time scale.

If you wish to upgrade your spa, we will remove your old Hot Tub for free if you buy from us at H2O Hot Tubs, the home of the best hot tubs.

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