Need to move a hot tub?

We provide hot tub relocation, removal and delivery services throughout the UK.

At Transport-a-Tub, we specialise in hot tub relocation, removal & providing a delivery service for new and used hot tubs. We’ve been doing it for over a decade and use the latest specialist equipment and fully trained engineers.

Perhaps you’ve bought a secondhand tub and want it delivering and installing professionally, or you want to move your tub to a new home.

If you need to to move a hot tub, we can help.


Relocated & Serviced

Commission & Mini Service for £250

If you’re having your hot tub relocated, we can do a full commission when it reaches its destination. We’ll position the spa in its new home, connect to the electrics* and fill the tub, adding chemicals and making sure it’s ready for use.

We’ll also give the spa our Mini Service treatment, so you know it’s running smoothly and efficiently and is ready for use.

*electric point must be ready and within 2 metres of the hot tub’s location.


Download our FREE guide

Everything you need to know.

We’ve put together a free, simple guide which explains everything you need to know about moving a hot tub from one place to another – some things that you need to consider and might not have thought of.

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Customers Love Us

Rated Excellent across the web.

Amazing service, thoroughly professional - would happily use again!
Charlotte Stacey
Charlotte Stacey
11. June, 2020.
Moved our hot tub with ease. Very friendly guys, no fuss at all. Would happily use again and will book a service later this year.
Owen Bryant
Owen Bryant
4. June, 2020.
Litterally cant belive what an amazing job these guys did. Wasnt sure we would be able to move our tub but they made it look easy. Really professional, friendly and helpful. offered loads of advice and looked after the tub and both locations. cant recommend enough and the price was almost half what other wanted.
natalie rogan
natalie rogan
4. June, 2020.
Moved our hot tub without any fuss, and then did a small service at the end. Well worth the money for a professional firm like this to do the job.
Mr. Tandon
Mr. Tandon
31. May, 2020.
Amazing service and a friendly team
CRM Test Bay
CRM Test Bay
23. May, 2020.
The whole experience from start to finish was like an Oceans 11 bank job, perfectly executed. Molly in the office sorted all the logistics and keep the whole operation running like clockwork.. The boys arrived at the pick up,wrapped up the tub to protect and had it on the trailer in the blink of an eye. The arrived at our house and looking at the obstacles laid out asked me to find an extra man to help move it. Then off we went sliding the tub on its side through the neighbors garden, up steps over the concrete fence base and finally flipped it over onto the raised deck. The older guy was was like Danial Ocean, could see all the problems and knew how to get it sorted. The big guy was like an ox, at one point I thought he was just going to pick the whole tub up off the ground and carry it - amazing strength !! Thanks Transport A Tub for an excellent job and price - would highly recommend.
Warwick Leaman
Warwick Leaman
2. May, 2020.
Super service and great customer care from them - would happily use again any time
Eric Vicks
Eric Vicks
25. March, 2020.
I cannot recommend this team more highly, they were absolutely brilliant. They skillfully moved the Hot Tub out of an awkward room at my parents home and transported it 40 miles and re-instated it in our garden. At all times they were really efficient as well as being extremely courteous. Would use again - you simply would find it hard to better the service we had today. Thank you
Lorraine Smith
Lorraine Smith
20. March, 2020.
19. March, 2020.
Thank you Transport A Tub! Your service was first class, the guys were very polite and helpful. You took, what was a major problem for me and solved it with your professional, efficient and courteous service. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again.
Martin Bushnell
Martin Bushnell
10. March, 2020.

Our Coverage

We move hot tubs nationwide, covering the whole of Great Britain.

Book Your Relocation

Simply give us a call or fill out the form to get a quote. We require an up-front deposit of £180 - the rest is paid in cash at the end of the job. Bookings can be cancelled up to 48 hours before with no charge.

Commercial Deliveries

We also handle deliveries and offer an installation service for online spa companies. So if you're a hot tub retailer, we can deliver and install your hot tubs safely and efficiently. Contact us to discuss delivery contracts.

Insurance & Protection

For total peace of mind we have commercial insurance in place, in the unlikely event of damage to your property or hot tub. This protects you, your property, us, our vehicle & equipment. Speak to us if you'd like more details on our insurance coverage.

How do we move your hot tub?

Hot tub relocation can require some specialist kit.

1 Spa Dolly

hot tub relocation

Using our state of the art Spa Dolly we are able to get through openings as narrow as 95cm.

Dolly dimensions:
Width: 90cm | Length: 350cm | Height: 25cm

The maximum size hot tub that can be moved using our Spa Dolly is 240cm x 240cm x 100cm

Bear in mind the route through your property – the Spa Dolly is 350cm long and therefore requires some space to turn – tight 90 degree turns may not be possible – if in any doubt send us some photos.

2 Spa Sledge

hot tub moving

On standby, our vans also carry something called a Spa Sledge.

This can be used in the event when the spa kart can be too long or height is a restriction, it is limited to use on concrete, decking and gravel.

The sledge will not run on grass unless it’s ply-boarded beforehand. It can be folded down to fit through openings as little as 85cm.

The maximum size hot tub for the Spa Sledge (2-man team) is 215x215x95cm. However, with a 3-man team the maximum size hot tub would be 240x240x95cm.

3 Spa Wedge

move a hot tub

If our team have not had their Weetabix, we have something called a Spa Wedge.

This is an inflatable piece of kit which is placed under the hot tub and inflated, lifting the spa to the balance point.

4 Crane

We don’t supply our own cranes however we can supply you with a number of local sub-contractors for crane work where the spa is located to be craned in or out.


Need a crane to move your hot tub?

We can find a suitable local crane hire company to help with the job.

Sometimes it’s necessary to crane a hot tub over your house.

Prices for hot tub crane hire can vary depending on a number of factors. We would expect anywhere from £200 – £1000, but it can be more if you’re on a major road. It’s best to get this quote firmed up prior to booking anything.

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