Hot Tub Relocation & Delivery

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following information very carefully.


In the unlikely event that there is damage to your hot tub or property, we have commercial insurance in place.

£1million public liability - This covers you and us from the kerbside to your garden for damage to you or your home.

£10k goods in transit - This covers your spa whilst it's on the back of our trailer. 

Important information

Below is a list of important things to consider for hot tub delivery access.

Please note: If you cancel your job within 48hrs before (2 working days) and does not include out of hour Mon-Fri 9:30-5pm we reserve the right to retain the £180 deposit. Cancellation under 24hrs we reserve the right to invoice for the full amount of the Job. You will have 7days to pay this from date invoiced. Cancellation after booking will before 48hrs will be charged at £50 Admin fee.  Any non compliance of the above terms and conditions also falls into the full amount being payable. This is a contractual agreement and by paying us the deposit you are entering the agreement. 

What equipment do we use to move your Hot Tub?

Using state of the art Spa Dolly systems we are able to get through gates as little a 900mm, see below kart dimensions.

Hot Tub Relocation and Dolly Trailer

On standby, our vans also carry something called a Spa Sledge, this helps in the event when the spa kart can be too long or height is a restriction, it is limited to use on concrete, decking and gravel. The sledge will not run on grass unless its ply-boarded beforehand.

Hot Tub Relocation Sled and Wedge

How do we lift your spa on its side?

If we’ve not had our Weetabix, we have something called a Spa Wedge. This is an inflatable piece of kit which is placed under the hot tub and inflated, lifting the spa to the balance point.

Do we supply cranes?

We sub-contract crane work to local companies to where the spa is located to be craned in or out.

Craning prices can vary depending on area and road you are located and access.

Prices will be anything from £200-£1000 on average but can be more if you're on a major road. It's best to get this quote firmed up prior to booking anything.

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