Disposal terms and conditions

Before booking a disposal with Transport-a-Tub please be aware that we cannot dismantle your Hot Tub on site. We must be able to remove it as a whole unit to be transported on an open trailer therefore the following criteria must also be adhered to 

  • The spa is not rotten
  • The cabinet is not damaged or loose
  • The spa can be removed in one piece as we are unable to dismantle the spa 
  • There are no tight corners in which we will struggle to manoeuvre around
  • There is sufficient space approx 1 metre surrounding the tub in order for us to tip the hot tub onto its side
  • There are no other issues with access including steps, walls, sunken decking or any other obstacle that may cause us an issue including gazebos and summer houses 
  • There is sufficient access to remove the spa on a spa dolly or skid - we do not operate a lifting service
  • We will require a photograph of the spa in its current position and condition as well as details of the access route before booking

It is very important that you check the spa throughly for rot or any damage to the cabinet before booking. If we are unable to remove the tub due to a rotten frame or cabinet or any issues with access that werent communicated to us then we reserve the right to keep full payment upfront to cover diesel and engineers time. Cancellations before your allocated date are charged at £180.00

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